Recommendations from people working with Victor Armaselu

Henkel Loctite Romania

Cristian Taban, Business Manager, Henkel Romania:  “If I take into consideration Victor's experience after Henkel - great, succesful, growing, I don't know if my recommendation is really useful. What to say ? He is the best I was ever employeed - I guessed from the first interview, he demonstrated in his field activity in my team, it was visible that he could do much more than our company could offer in that time. It was clear to me that our common experience cannot last longer - what i could do - only to wish him good luck and to tell hem - Hey, Victor, when you will leave, let me be prepared. The guy he recommended for his area is still one of the best, but still now, after 10 years, Victor is an example for the remaining team and I mention him in all my sales meetings here or in my other countries...

He is a guy any company eager for growth, for development, eager to have best people in the team, will run for him...” September 30, 2011

Ursus Breweries (SABMiller Romania)

Gary Whitlie, President, Ursus Breweries:  “Victor has extensive experience in senior sales roles in the beverage industry. I have worked closely with Victor for over a year. I found him to be energetic, committed to his work and with strong moral and ethical principles. On a personal level, I found Victor to be well read and willing to share his knowlege. I recommend Victor for consideration for any role in sales at a senior level.” October 6, 2011

Marco Salutari, Supply Chain Director, Birra Peroni/SAB Miller:  “Victor is an open-minded leader and with his out-of -the box approach can give an extraordinary support to any organization.
He is a decision maker, team builder and a no-frills manager.
Able to translate strategy into action with his extensive business knowledge and experience.” September 29, 2011

Juan F. Torres, Commercial Development Manager & Exports, SABMiller:  “If you try to imagine a modern profile in Commercial Management, Victor comes as the best example. Results driven, excellent analytic skills and wide overview of how a company should work. If, on top of that, you add his positive attitude and great charisma, you find one leader that every company should work with.” September 28, 2011

Laurentiu Bontescu, Modern Trade Director, Ursus Breweries / SABMiller Romania: “I have worked with Victor starting with February 2009 and he is one of the best leaders I have met.
He is people oriented with a great ability for creating and implementing strategies.
His commitment made him a great businessman always interested in the development / strengthening of partnerships with customers” September 28, 2011

Daniela Nicoleta Sima, FOOD MANAGER, Selgros Cash&Carry:  “Victor is in a word a very professional person. He is objective oriented, very smart and dedicated to the business. He can speak in public and impress with his knowledge.” September 28, 2011

Gherman Radu, Purchasing Manager Deputy, REWE Group Romania: “I have met Mr. Armaselu while he was working for Ursus Breweries, during negotiations for starting the colaboration with Penny.
I can say that those negotiations and the ones which followed in the next years have been within the toughest I had experienced, but all have been fineshed in win-win situation for both companies, quite rare in the Romanian modern retail enviroment.
I recommend Mr. Armaselu as one of the best sales managers in Romanian retail, a person with whom a retailer can develop a long term partnership. I want to point out Mr. Armaselu's communication skills, a good example for many. I am convinced that Mr. Armaselu will bring added value to any organisation he is part of." March 1, 2012

Andrei Haret, Vice-President Sales and Distribution, Ursus Breweries - SABMiller:  “Victor worked for me as Key Accounts Director and later as Trade Marketing Director. Through his outstanding enthusiasm and determination he set the basis of the Key Accounts Organization, from scratch to a fully fledge function. The market results of this work have been remarcable. When later promoted to Trade Marketing Director he proved again commitment and appropriate skills in setting enhanced processes and new ways of inter-functional working. And equally importantly: in the period we have been working together he always delivered against the agreed targets.” September 27, 2011

Grzegorz Gacek, European Key Account Sales Director, SABMiller Europe AG:  “I’ve been working with Victor for 2 years. His deep understanding of sales and marketing areas plus natural acumen make him very sucesfull as a business leader. He is an excellent strategic thinker with exellent communications style and a cooperative mindset.” October 5, 2011

Radu Panait, VP Human Resources, Ursus Breweries ( SABMiller):  “Victor's name is associated with the creation of the Modern trade channel in Ursus Breweries. This particular channel experienced a significant growth under his leadership and contributed to the achievement of the market share leadership status both in terms of volume and value. Victor's achievement has led lately to his promotion as Trade Marketing Director and in the last year culminating with his appointment of VP Sales & Distribution.” September 28, 2011

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